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Reishi Super Strength

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Other ingredients: Vegetarian Capsules (cellulose), Ganoderma lucidum mycelium, myceliated rice.

Suggested use: Adults, take 1-3 capsules, twice daily, on an empty stomach.

Warnings: Keep out of reach of children. Do not use if allergic to mushrooms, pregnant or breastfeeding. Do not use if safety seal around top of bottle is missing or broken. Store at room temperature, with lid closed.

Product Description

Reishi Mushroom Extract

Called the mushroom of immortality in ancient China, Reishi is the most revered herb in all of Classical Chinese and Japanese medicine. Used daily as a tonic in ancient China and Japan, modern research has focused on the use of Reishi extracts for immune support and supporting liver health.*

Reishi mushroom extracts are frequently used by mountain climbers to help acclimate to high altitudes and are contained in many of the performance enhancing herbal formulas used by Chinese athletes.*

In order to ensure the high potency of our Reishi Super Strength extract, we take a number of steps.

The first step uses to use the fruit bodies, not the mycelium. Reishi mycelium does not contain any triterpenes. Only the mushroom contains triterpenes which is why we use the mushrooms to make our extract.

Because the levels of active compounds in Reishi mushrooms can vary significantly from strain to strain within the species, the scientists and herbalists at Mushroom Science developed a proprietary strain of Reishi that delivers significant and consistent levels of all the active compounds, including the triterpenes that support liver health.*

Our Reishi mushrooms are also grown on solid wood, not rice. Growing Reishi mushrooms in their natural environment allow us to produce an extract of unmatched quality.

Mushroom Science also uses a two-step extraction process; first hot water extraction to extract the polysaccharides that contain the beta glucans, and then a second step using ethanol (alcohol) and hot water together to extract the triterpenes, guaranteeing that we capture all the active compounds needed to deliver the health benefits Reishi is famous for. The presence of triterpenes in the final extract is essential to delivering the health benefits reported in Traditional Chinese Medicine and in the published research.

This very difficult extraction process we use, which is absolutely essential when making a therapeutically effective extract. Given that the scientific community has been testing for the triterpenes and polysaccharides in Reishi extracts for a number of decades, and that there are two test methods for measuring polysaccharide levels published in the research, it is curious that other mushroom companies refuse to list the levels of active compounds on the labels of their Reishi supplements.

 *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


The scientific name for Reishi is Ganoderma lucidum. Also referred to as Red Reishi, Reishi is one of the most widely researched supplements in Asia, with most of the research centering on three actions: hepatic support, immune modulation and cardiovascular support. Research has also shown that Reishi extracts can oxygenate the blood. Reishi is used by many mountain climbers to prevent altitude sickness and is contained in many of the performance-enhancing herbal formulas used by competitive athletes.*

As with the other medicinal mushrooms, it is the polysaccharides extracted from the indigestible cell walls (which in turn contain the beta glucans), that provide immune support.*

All of the scientific references have Reishi prepared as a hot-water extract or a hot-water/ethanol extract. There are no scientific references that use or examine the effects of unextracted mycelium powder, unextracted mushroom powder or tinctures (liquids preserved in alcohol that is also known as cold water extracts). One company claims their Reishi tinctures are part hot water extract (and also part cold water and alcohol extract), but that is not an accurate claim. It is not possible to preserve a hot water extract in water and alcohol. The level of alcohol needed to preserve the actives is also the same level of alcohol that would cause the polysaccharides, which are not alcohol soluble, to precipitate out of solution and into a solid.

Reishi Super Strength (Reishi Gano 161)

In development for over four years, our proprietary strain, Reishi Gano 161, represents the future of mushroom supplements. Using HPLC analysis of the triterpenes as the criteria for strain selection, various strains of Reishi were crossed, resulting in a strain containing a much broader spectrum of the naturally occurring triterpenes as compared to any other strains analyzed to date.

The subject of a series of human clinical studies at a major U.S. University, Reishi Super Strength delivers the very best this ancient mushroom has to offer and is the finest Reishi supplement available in the world.

The first study found that the triterpenes in Reishi Super Strength (Gano 161 strain), down-regulates TNF-Alpha and NF-kB when outside the normal range. This effect occurs at the same time the polysaccharides are supporting the non-specific immune response.*


Reishi, also referred to as “Ling zhi” in China,  is the premier tonic/longevity herb in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and the medicinal mushroom most often used as a general health tonic.*  Images of the Reishi mushroom are common in ancient Chinese art, and go back as far as 2,000 years.

In TCM Reishi is considered to be in the highest class of tonics.  Being a true adaptogen, Reishi enhances the healthy, normal functions of the body but also works to address imbalances when present.*

Reishi is mild and slightly warming in nature, with a bitter taste.  In TCM it is used to nourish, tonify, remove toxins and disperse accumulations.* All available references from TCM (except one) have Reishi prepared as a hot-water extraction/decoction.  The one reference where Reishi is soaked in rice wine uses much larger quantities of the dried mushroom than are used to make the tinctures sold in the U.S.A.

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