Where Do They Come From, Where Do They Grow?

At Mushroom Science our highest priority is to provide our customers with products they can trust. For this reason we get the majority of our mushrooms from certified farms in China, the birthplace of medicinal mushroom treatments and where, to this day, 85% of the world's mushrooms are grown. Our ability to have a mushroom farm that has direct access to the farming and extraction systems and processes that are supported by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) means we are able to put the best possible mushroom supplements with the highest level of quality in your hands.

Our focus on where we source our mushrooms is something that sets us apart from our competitors. We grow all but our Cordyceps on wood and harvest the entire fruiting body, while many U.S. companies are growing mushrooms and mushroom mycelium on rice, millet or other grains. It turns out that this practice of growing medicinal mushrooms and mycelium on grain has undesired consequences when it comes to the bioactivity of the active compounds. Mushroom Science always lists potency information in the supplement facts panel of every label to ensure consumers know actual percentages of active compounds.

Many Americans have recently discovered the healing properties of medicinal mushrooms. This exciting renaissance period of mushroom medicine may be new to modern western medicine, but mushrooms have been regarded as powerful medicinal sources for thousands of years in TCM. At Mushroom Science we believe it’s critical that the introduction of mushroom medicine into America respects the effective mushroom sourcing practices that have been followed for thousands of years in China. For this reason we remain committed to obtaining our mushrooms from the birthplace of mushroom cultivation.

13th Century China was the birthplace of medicinal mushroom treatments. The Shen Nong Ben Cao (written between 25–220 AD during the Han Dynasty) is an ancient Chinese herbal text that notably referred to medicinal mushrooms as a long-term source of natural healing. In traditional Chinese herbal preparations, medicinal mushrooms were consumed as a tea that resulted from steeping the mushrooms in hot water.

TCM’s early exploration of medicinal mushrooms has resulted in the implementation of specific standards for effective cultivation. This is why sourcing is the first thing to consider when selecting mushroom medicines:

  • Where are your mushrooms from?
  • What substrate are they grown on?

We hold ourselves to the highest standard when answering these important questions. Our farm’s soil, air, water, growing substrate, and mushrooms were tested rigorously and continue to be tested regularly to ensure that we provide high quality supplements.

Respecting the specific needs of natural medicine yields supplements that our ancestors would be proud of and that our consumers can enjoy the unique benefits of.