Mushroom Science® genuine Lion’s Mane is now on Amazon.



Genuine Lion’s Mane by Mushroom Science® is now sold on Amazon. Purchase only genuine Lion’s Mane from Mushroom Science. The genuine product by Mushroom Science will have a unique holographic security sticker on the back of the bottle.

The text on the sticker will show the Mushroom Science logo in blue color and feature the text: Mushroom Science. Genuine for Amazon. There will be a unique serial number after the text.

Mushroom Science® is the only company on Amazon selling genuine Mushroom Science® Lion’s Mane.

Beware of counterfeits claiming to sell Mushroom Science® Lion’s Mane. Mushroom Science is not affiliated with any third party vendors on Amazon. Demand refund and report sellers to Amazon and Mushroom Science®,  if you received your product without the genuine security sticker on the back of the bottle.

Photos of what genuine Mushroom Science® Lion’s Mane on Amazon looks like, follow: