Mushroom Science® genuine Cordyceps are now on Amazon.




6th June 2016


Genuine Cordyceps by Mushroom Science® are now sold on Purchase only genuine Cordyceps from Mushroom Science.
The genuine product by Mushroom Science will have a unique holographic security sticker on the back of the bottle.


The text on the sticker will show the Mushroom Science logo in blue color and feature the text: Mushroom Science. Genuine for Amazon. There will be a unique serial number after the text.


Mushroom Science® is the only company on Amazon selling unique Mushroom Science® Cordyceps.


Beware of counterfeits claiming to sell Mushroom Science® Cordyceps.
Mushroom Science is not affiliated with any third party vendors on Amazon. Demand refund and report sellers if you received your product without the genuine security sticker on the back of the bottle.


Photos of what genuine Mushroom Science® Cordyceps on Amazon look like follow: