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Currently, the only authorized seller is Mushroom Health. If you purchase from any other company, we do not know where it came from or who those sellers are.

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The World’s Largest Living Organism

Think of the largest organism you know. Its possible that the first thing that comes to mind is a blue whale, ranking in at about 100ft in length and weighing around 200+ tons – not in the least due to numerous depictions that properly scale its size for you (or, if your childhood was anything like mine, many watchings of Free Willy – who wasn’t a blue whale, but still.) You may have also thought of Diplodocus, the famously long-necked dinosaur that was reputed to be 110ft in length and about 125 tons. Thinking about them readily heralds a certain notion of ‘there is literally nothing that could grow bigger than this and live for as long.’ And who could blame you?

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Bizarre Mushrooms of the World

Part of what makes the world of fungi so endearing to experts, enthusiasts and casual fans alike is appreciating how nature’s own hands shape some of the most unique organisms most have ever seen. Experts and passersby alike admire the often peculiar and always memorable forms of fungi that can be found both in some of the most obscure areas of the world and in regions closer to your own backyard. From puff balls to cages and florescent green domes to jelly-filled candies, fungi often universally highlights the small beauties that can arise when nature is allowed to prosper – also reminding us that they have been here far longer than humans have or ever will.

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